The Grandmaster 3D Premiere

The new 3D cut of “The Grandmaster” was released on Monday 5th january and the cast of the film attended various promotional events in Beijing. Wong Kar-wai, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Chang Chen, Zhang Jin and Wang Qingxiang were all there to promote the film. During a press conference, “the director and cast members were asked to express the unique flavour of each other” and Wong Kar-wai compared Ziyi to an onion :

As to his leading lady Zhang Ziyi, Wong said, “She is like an onion. She is spicy and crunchy, a northern specialty. The flavour is sweeter when it’s more mature.”

Source: Yahoo Singapore

Yesterday the cast attended a press conference with martial artists.

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The Grandmaster 3D update

Wong Kar Wai is promoting “The Grandmaster 3D” and we know more about this new version…

the 3D edit was put together with shorter U.S. cut as a loose guide, however, previously unseen material was also incorporated. The final result? A movie that now runs 111-minutes-long (versus 122 in the original international cut) and apparently has a new structure and more streamlined storytelling.


The most mysterious martial art style of Zhang Ziyi’s character Gong Er, the “64 palms” might possibly show its true face again. In The Grandmaster, Ip Man and Gong Er only had two duels but was so deeply impressed by the “64 palms” that he found it hard to forget. He only wanted to see such great kung fu again, unfortunately due to various reasons Gong Er’s special abilities finally vanished from the world, without any “echo”. Yet in the end of The Grandmaster 3D‘s trailer, Gong Er’s line “If you want to see the 64 palms, you only have the time it takes to open a fan” was added. Seemingly there was room for something more.


A beautiful music video of the film has been unveiled. Take a look.

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The Grandmaster 3D trailer

Enjoy this new and very exciting trailer with a new fight between Ziyi and Tony Leung…

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Zhang Ziyi in Paris with OMEGA

Omega just released three videos of Ziyi in Paris for their new campaign. Enjoy!

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Ziyi joins “The Baby from Universe”

babyuniverseChinese film actress Zhang Ziyi and Chinese author and film director Jingming Guo will cooperate for the first time in the science-fiction comedy, “The Baby from Universe.

A few days before, “The Baby from Universe” published the production team of the film. Zhang and Wei Nan are co-producers; brothers Wei Nan and Wei Min co-directed the film; Leste Chen is the art director, and Jingming Guo is the general producer of the film.

As a top Chinese film actress, Zhang has also worked behind the scenes in recent years. She was the producer of “Sophie’s Revenge” and “My Lucky Star.” “The Baby from Universe” will be the third film that she has produced.


The Baby from Universe” is about a couple who have an unexpected son in the process of having a baby. Currently, the cast of the film have not yet published. Audience expects to see whether Zhang and Guo will act in the film.

Source: Chinatopix

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Photoshoots update

I’ve added the photoshoots from Femina, Fashion 163 and Lifestyle.

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Ziyi covers PIN Prestige Singapore

Ziyi covers the december issue of PIN Prestige Singapore. Take a look!

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Ziyi covers Femina

Scans from chinese magazine “Femina” have been added to the gallery ! Enjoy some gorgeous pictures.

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