As you may already know, our favorite actress is starring in the second season of a reality show called “Viva La Romance“, which premiered in China on February 14th.

Charles and I will not relay any information about “Viva La Romance” for several reasons that will be explained here.

We probably share the same opinion as most of you that Ziyi is a wonderful and talented actress worth admiring. We’ve always respected her integrity and career choices (even if we can be somewhat disappointed to see her act in commercial movies such as Cloverfield and Godzilla). During the past few years, Ziyi appeared on several TV reality shows such as X-Factor, The Birth of An Actor / I Am an actor. Each time we thought that she was trying something fresh and new and that it was a good thing. But our feeling concerning “Viva la Romance” is different. The exposure of her private life and marriage that comes with starring in this reality show is not something that we want to promote or have any interest in. That’s why we chose to not update anything about it

We still support Ziyi and will always do. We just hope to see her in more great Chinese films and we are very excited about her first TV drama.

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