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Today, Ziyi attended the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing International Film Festival. She, once again, won the best actress prize for The Grandmaster. The film was also awarded for Best Director and Best Cinematography.

The Beijing International Film Festival strats today. On the afternoon Ziyi and the casting of The Crossing was reunited for a press conference. We learnt that the shooting is now finished and other interesting informations. The film is to be released in two parts in China and some parts of Asia, with a single international […]

Zhang Ziyi was gorgeous on the red carpet of the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival… Have a look! News edited: Enjoy many mores pictures of the red carpet and the opening ceremony with Andy Lau !

The 2nd Beijing International Film Festival will be held from monday 23th april to saturday 28th april 2012. Ziyi will shine on the red carpet again… Festival organizers say they will be screening more than 260 films from across the globe over the course of the six-day event while hosting a film market that aims […]