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Jun 24, 13   0 Comment Films, The Crossing

Previously called Love and Let Love, John Woo’s next film The Crossing will start shooting next month in Beijing… When James Cameron‘s Titanic is really cooking, I think, it’s when the directoris playing to his strengths. The sequence with Jack hand cuffed to the pipe and Rose needing to get him free is top class […]

Ziyi attended this year Shanghai Film Festival. She was the only cast member attending the press conference promoting My Lucky Star. Later the same day, she assisted the Bona Lucky Night at Peace Hotel. The chinese release date for My Lucky was announced during the press conference. It will hit theaters in September 19th this […]

On june 14 Ziyi arrived at South Korea Incheon International Airport with Tony Leung to attend the Chinese Film Festival in Korea. Indeed, Wong Kar Wai’s “The Grandmaster” was the opening film of the festival (official website). The cast was reunited to attend a press conference and the premiere of the film.

Yesterday, Ziyi attended the Moschino Spring/Summer Show in Shanghai. The next John Woo film might start shooting very soon. It was previously announced that it would begin in july, which still seems to be true. Apparently, Chang Chen, Andy Lau and Louis Koo won’t star in the film. They will be replaced by Takeshi Kaneshiro […]

I’ve updated the gallery with various pictures from the last few weeks. First, I’ve added everything I could find for Ziyi’s participation to Chinese’s X-Factor: Promotional Pictures and pictures from various shows. Ziyi also was in Tokyo in the end of May to promote the Grandmaster. Finally, I’ve added pictures from a candid when Ziyi […]

May 29, 13   0 Comment Films, My Lucky Star, Video

The first My Lucky Star Teaser was released some days ago! It’s a confirmation that the film will be released during the summer, but the exact release date is still a mystery… Stay Tuned!