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Enjoy a great interview of Ziyi by Barbara Chai for the Wall Street Journal.

Yesterday, Wong Kar Wai, Ziyi and Tony Leung were in New York for a special screening of The Grandmaster. Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Wu, Feng Xiaogang and Susan Sarandon attended the event and were photographed with the cast. The film received an important support from Martin Scorcese who presented the film to the audience. TWC Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein said: “Marty Scorsese’s reaction to The Grandmaster couldn’t have been more enthusiastic. When Marty champions a film, nothing is better; it is the ultimate seal of approval. I look forward to audiences seeing this wildly entertaining and artistic film.” (source).

After the screening, Ziyi was photographed during the after party.

Still in New York, Ziyi was promoting The Grandmaster Today at Good Morning America. She talked about her hard training she did for the movie. Some pictures in the gallery!

Yesterday Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Ziyi and Tony Leung were in New York for an early screening of the film followed by a Q&A organised by the “Producers Guild of America“. Some pictures of the event are into our gallery (credit: weibo) and more interesting, 2 videos (a third will be added after) of the Q&A have been posted on Youku (thanks to TLForest). Ziyi expressed her feelings on the set and the difficulty of the shooting. Enjoy !


News edited: Added two videos of better quality. You can still watch videos from youku:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3.

Some new stills of My Lucky Star surfaced on the web today. More stills should be released in the next days with the trailer as well, considering the movie will hit chinese theaters next month… Stay tuned!

This summer, the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences celebrates Kung Fu. “The Grandmaster” was screened yesterday in the presence of  Wong Kar Wai, Zou Jingzhi and Ziyi. Some pictures into the gallery.