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I was going to stop adding old events pictures in the gallery, but I found there was too many things to add in the 2002 public appearances… Well, there is pictures from the Tibet Foundation ceremonies, promotional events for endorsements such as Tag Heuer, Pantene, Maybelline and Soutec, premieres for Hero and a lot more!

Sophie’s Revenge 2 – 非常幸运 – shooting will start very soon and we have some new informations.

The shooting will take place in Hong Kong at first and then in Singapore, Macao and other places. The film will be produced in part by Ziyi. It will be directed by a non chinese director called Dennie Gordon who worked for ALly McBeal, The Office, White Collar and other films. The whole cast is not yet known but we already know that famous chinese actor Wang Lee Hom is part of it alongside Chen Kai.

Moreover this sequel seems to be quite different. Indeed this sequel will be an adventure romantic comedy. Here the first plot:
Whereas Sophie (Ziyi) goes to the Singapore Tourism, she meet the man of her dreams, David. But Sophie will wrecked David plans who wants to trace the whereabouts of a diamond. The two embark on the adventure.

Another big gallery update for today,
Ive added tons of pictures from Ziyi’s appearances in 2001 such as promotion events for Tag Heuer and Lenovo Computers, premieres and press conferences for Rush Hour 2 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

A pretty huge update for today,
I’ve updated the gallery with a lot of old pictures from the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon era. I’ve added pictures from Berlin Film Festival when The Road Home was in official Competition, premieres of Crouching Tiger at Cannes, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, etc… We also have some pictures of Ziyi winning her first major actress award at Hundred Flowers Awards. Stay tuned for gallery updates in the next weeks!

Some news of the set of The Grandmasters. A few days ago, Ziyi posted on her blog a picture of Wong Kar Wai’s birthday on the set. Apparently, she’s still shooting at least for some days.

“Over the past couple of days, various Asian outlets have reported about Wong Kar-Wai’s 54th birthday on Wednesday, adding along with it that “Zhang Ziyi posted the birthday celebration photo from the set.” Yes, from the set Even with a hard date now on the books, “The Grandmaster” is apparently “in a hurry to wrap up production.” So, Wong Kar-Wai is still on the set with five months to go before the film hits theaters.”


We finally have some new stills of Ziyi in Dangerous Liaisons. Enjoy !

Edit: More stills have surfaced.