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Yesterday the cast of “The Crossing” was in Beijing for a press conference…

Woo says he believes audiences will enjoy the movie no matter what culture they are from:

“In the past, people thought that only action films or martial arts were understood universally, but in reality I don’t think that is correct. If we can appreciate western types of love stories, I am sure they can also appreciate and understand our Oriental type of love stories.”

The film’s leading actress, Zhang Ziyi, also shared her hopes that “The Crossing” will be well-received both at home and abroad, emphasizing the hard work both cast and crew put into the epic.


and the premiere of the film!

The promotion for The Crossing continues. John Woo, Tong Dawei were in Chengdu yesterday to attend the press conference. Ziyi was lovely as usual!

Stay tuned for the promotion in Beijing!

Yesterday, Tong Dawei and Ziyi were in Wuhan to promote The Crossing.

Today, John Woo, Tong Dawei and Ziyi were promoting The Crossing in Guangzhou. Some pictures in the gallery.

In the next few days, Ziyi will be promoting the film in Wuhan, Chengdu and Beijing. Stay tuned!

Today, Ziyi and John Woo attended a press conference in Beijing for “The Crossing“. We learnt that the film was prepared during 6 years and that Ziyi accepted to join the cast without finishing to read the script. Some really nice pictures have been added to the gallery and you can discover the video of the press conference by clicking here, a making of focused on Ziyi.

Moreover a russian trailer has been unveiled with new footages! Check it out.

Enjoy this new trailer with english subtitles.