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Jul 21, 12   0 Comment Public Appearances

A pretty huge update for today, I’ve updated the gallery with a lot of old pictures from the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon era. I’ve added pictures from Berlin Film Festival when The Road Home was in official Competition, premieres of Crouching Tiger at Cannes, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, etc… We also have some pictures of […]

Jul 09, 12   0 Comment Public Appearances

Beijing blesses London Olympics Games with the special song “Bless You”. The official version is six minutes long and reunite many chinese celebrities like Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing… Enjoy two lovely pictures of Ziyi.

Jun 30, 12   0 Comment Public Appearances, Video

Ziyi was one of the featured guests of the China’s Dream Show yesterday. Live broadcasted, chinese watchers enjoyed a live performance of Ziyi singing with two other singers. You can enjoy Ziyi’s sweet voice with this video and some pictures of the show.  

May 31, 12   0 Comment Awards, Public Appearances

Ziyi was once and again gorgeous in her golden dress at the 12th Chinese Film Media Awards. The actress was awarded for her contribution to chinese cinema. You can watch a video of Ziyi receiving her award here. This event was Ziyi’s first public appearance since the terrible accusations published on chinese medias. Ziyi’s publicist […]

Zhang Ziyi was gorgeous on the red carpet of the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival… Have a look! News edited: Enjoy many mores pictures of the red carpet and the opening ceremony with Andy Lau !

Thanks to the press conference held in Tsinghua University auditorium, we have some informations about the film. The shooting took place into the Tsinghua University campus. Some students of the university join the cast during the shooting. The script of the film has been changed several times during the shooting (even 20 minutes before the […]