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Here’s the 3rd episode of The Birth of an Actor, Take a look!

Yesterday, Ziyi, Liu Ye and Zhang Guoli attended a press conference in Hangzhou to promote The Birth of an Actor.

In the 2nd episode of The Birth of an Actor, Ziyi challenged Zhou Yunpeng in 最熟悉的陌生人.

The first episode of The Birth of an Actor premiered today in China. Ziyi and Liu Yan had a fight in a play based on Tsui Hark’s Green Snake.

Ziyi and the cast of “The Crossing” appeared on a chinese TV show. Some pictures are in the gallery.

Ziyi, Wang Leehom, Zheng Kai and Terri Kwan appeared at a Sina Interview this morning to promote My Lucky Star.

Then, the cast was interviewed for Ent QQ. Some Pictures in the gallery..