Brand: Proya
Product: Cosmetics
Since: May 2014
Spokesperson: China
About the brand: Proya is a chinese cosmetic brand created in 2003.
Official Website: www
Gallery link: www

Whitening Secret – 2014

In 2014 Ziyi is named spokesperson of the brand. While the actress was in Cannes, the brand organised a party to make official this new collaboration. Several days later the first print ad is launched for a whitening creme.

Day & Night Aqua Secret – 2014

In early august 2014, Ziyi appears both on a print ad and on a TV commercial spot for the campaign Day & Night Aqua Secret. This tv commercial is directed by Philippe Le Sourd, the cinematographer of Wong Kar Wai for his movie ‘The Grandmaster’. The biggest difficulty for him was to shoot under the water. Indeed in this tv commercial we can see Ziyi swimming under the water.