Last night, Ziyi appeared at the 7th Theatre Academy Awards in Beijing.

In this week’s episode of The Birth of an Actor, a very moving play based of Ziyi’s film Love for Life. This week, the actor Hu Jun was invited to serve as a guest judge.

Ziyi took part in 2 plays in the 4th episode of The Birth of an Actor, one based on Stanley Kwan’s Rouge and another one called 后宫废妃.

Here’s the 3rd episode of The Birth of an Actor, Take a look!

Last night, Ziyi was in Shanghai to attend the opening of a new Buccellati store. She officially became a new ambassador for Buccellati.

Later, the actress appeared at a dinner to promote the brand.

Ziyi is featured on a beautiful new cover for the Chinese edition of Elle. Enjoy the two magazine covers with a few photos from the photoshoot.