Ziyi is one the face of Tiffany & Co.’s “Tiffany Keys collection“. You can watch a short film “Zhang Ziyi Unlocks the Possibilities” and enjoy some lovely pictures in the gallery.

Femina may 27th issue

Grazia june 4th issue

On may 26th Ziyi attended the opening of a GUCCI Store Opening. The actress was absolutely stunning.

Many pictures from this year Cannes Film Festival have been added. Some pictures are really gorgeous ! Enjoy.

Yesterday the cast of “The Crossing” gave many interviews to asian medias. Ziyi has been photographied during the interviews. Some lovely pictures to enjoy here.

In the evening the actress attended the Peninsula diner.

More pictures will be added later. Stay tunned !

During the press conference of “The Crossing” (may 17th) a trailer has been unveiled for the journalists. One of them filmed the trailer. The quality is not very good but it’s enought to see that the film will probably be amazing…

Yesterday, the cast of John Woo’s upcoming film “The Crossing” attended a press conference during the Cannes Film Festival.
See below a video from the press conference:

Some articles gives some interesting informations about the film…

John stated that “Titanic” was a love story that took place on a ship. But “The Crossing” is a story of fate, as these characters were fleeing from the war-torn China to Keelung, Taiwan.

“The wartime background brought each person a different fate, so if there is any comparison, I would say it is closer to “Gone with the Wind”,” said John.


According to Woo, “The Crossing” is “a love story spanning fifty years of Chinese history.” He was anxious to emphasize that the film is a romance despite the fact that he is best known for directing male-oriented action films. It certainly looked romantic judging by the trailer, with some inimitable Woo set pieces, and strong hints of beloved Chinese themes of separated families, star-crossed love, and the tragedy of war.


and Ziyi…

In regards to HKFA Best Actress Zhang Ziyi, John said, “I believed that directors who have worked with her like Wong Kar Wai, Ang Lee, and Zhang Yimou would be rather happy because she would exceed expectations and work even harder than the director would ask.”


Asked why she accepted her role in “The Crossing,” Zhang said, “It’s the first time I cried so much reading a script.”


In the evening, the cast was reunited for a party. Some pictures in the gallery. Ziyi was radiant !