Read a new interview of Ziyi by Women’s Wear Daily.

“We all know he has no script, but we build up the film on trust,” she continues. “I trust him, but we have no script, don’t know how long the movie [shoot] is, but he is the master. He gave me a map; I get on the train with him. I have no idea what the final destination is, but I knew there would be stops. Going on this journey, I slowly understand my character more and better.”


Ziyi was, this year again, the ambassadress of the 13th Chinese Media Film Awards. At the press conference the actress revealed that, right after the ceremony, she will go back to the USA to promote The Grandmaster with Wong Kar Wai and Tony Leung. Indeed Friday the film will be released in the USA in 700 to 800 theaters simultaneously. We also learnt that Ziyi participated to the first MV of Yinxi Shui, a member of Ziyi’s team in the TV show The X-Factor. This MV will be used to promote My Lucky Star.Two Stills have been released. The actress said she felt confident about the success of My Lucky Star.

During the ceremony Ziyi gave the “best picture” price to Lethal Hostage directed by Cheng Ear. You can watch a video by clicking here.

You can read an interesting interview of Ziyi by the New York Daily News. The interview is illustrated by some lovely pictures of Ziyi.

Yesterday, Ziyi attended the Zhongyuan Fashion Festival in Zhengzhou. She was named a “Fashion leader”.

Stay tuned, Ziyi is likely to appear at the Chinese Film Media Awards today! published a part of the interview Ziyi gave when she was promoting The Grandmaster in New York.

Enjoy a great interview of Ziyi by Barbara Chai for the Wall Street Journal.