Some informations were revealed a few days ago about the next project of korean auteur Lee Chang-dong, including the plot.

Set within a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Story revolves around a Chinese woman who works as a prostitute, a serial killer and a detective who chases after the serial killer.

source : Asianwiki

Won Bin would play the serial killer, Sol Kyung-gu the detective and Ziyi would get the part of the chinese prostitute. According to various korean news, none of the actors were confirmed to star, but during Chinese Film Festival in Korea last month, reporters asked Ziyi about a korean actor she would like to work with. She replied : “I like Won Bin. Please give me a scenario to act with him.” The filming is expected to start in October.

During Busan Film Festival in South Korea last year, Ziyi expressed her interest in working with Lee Chang-dong while they were both attending the same talk session.

Zhang continued, “I first met director Lee Chang Dong at a film festival in Hong Kong. After seeing Milyang (Secret Sunshine), I thought this director would be able to see the potential in an actor.”

Director Lee replied, “If I get to work with Zhang Ziyi, I will be able to achieve my dream. I really want to work with her. I think we’ll be able to work together in the near future.”

The two met on several occasions to talk about films, and they also drank makgeolli in Insadong when the actress visited Korea.


It was quite interesting to see that they both wished to work together, but nothing concrete was reported until yesterday when Won Bin, Sol Kyung-gu and Ziyi were all considered to star in the next project of famous korean director Lee Chang-dong. Actually, the script is not yet completed, so the project is still in early stages and nothing is confirmed, but it would be a great move from Ziyi to take the lead role in a Lee Chang-dong movie, for so many reasons…

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