Several days ago Ziyi was spotted in China while she was recording the chinese version of X-Factor. Ziyi has been choosen to be on the judging panel of the show. Even if Ziyi is not a singer, the production wanted Ziyi to be a spiritual mentor.

Enjoy the first pictures of the show.

Ziyi attended the Dior Shanghai Haute Couture Collection. The actress was gorgeous.

Some days ago, Ziyi assisted to the opening of a Giorgio Armani store in Hong Kong.

Ziyi is actually on the cover of the chinese version of Grazia Magazine. I’ve added the photoshoot, along with the shoot from the last Esquire Issue.

On February 26th, Ziyi was in Ruili, Yunnan to attend a promotional event for Phoenix Waterside Hotels.

Enjoy more than 1000 screencaptures of “Dangerous Liaisons” into the gallery.