Enjoy a beautiful making of “The Grandmaster” with interviews !

Tony Leung and Ziyi were interviewed last week for The Grandmaster. Here’s the portraits that were taken the same day for the occasion.

Ziyi looks awesome for “Modern Weekly” ! Enjoy the scans into the gallery.

You can read a great review of “The Grandmaster” at Twitch Film !

The story begins in Foshan province, where at the age of 40, Ip Man (Tony Leung) is happily married to a beautiful, doting wife (Korean actress Song Hye-kyo), lives off a healthy inheritance, and has continued the family legacy of advocating Wing Chun, a simplified yet remarkably effective form of kung-fu. At the Golden Pavilion, a local brothel patronised by many of the region’s finest martial artists, North-eastern Grandmaster Gong (Wang Qingxiang) challenges the best Southerner to a fight, before he returns North. After seeing off his rivals from the other local martial arts schools, Ip Man comes forward, only to demonstrate that intelligence and restraint can prove as powerful weapons as kung fu. Ip insists that Northern and Southern martial arts can co-exist peacefully, and Gong leaves humbled, yet satisfied.

Master Gong’s daughter, Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi) is less satisfied, however, and returns to challenge Ip Man herself. During their fight, they share the briefest moment of attraction, awakening a forbidden yearning within them both. Gong Er returns home, only to discover that her father’s best student, Ma Shan (Zhang Jin), refuses to accept his master’s defeat, and kills him. Gong’s dying wish is that the two reconcile and marry, as the last remaining practitioners of Gong’s revered 64 Hands technique. However, Gong Er vows to have her revenge.

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First of all, Wong Kar Wai’s “The Grandmaster” is released today in China. The first impressions are really enthusiastic. The film seems very well received by both film critics and spectators. Furthermore, Ziyi’s performance is widely acclaimed.

Apparently more straightfoward, no fragmented, mosaic-style narrative structure.[…]. Zhang Ziyi’s performance singled out. More than one critic mentioned the first 2/3 of the movie is especially fantastic.”

The Film Experience

Today “The Gransmaster”‘s cast is in Hong Kong to promote the film. Enjoy the first pictures. Ziyi is wearing a very unusual dress !

Moreover, we’ve added two new stills of the film.

Zhang Jin, Chang Chen, Tony Leung and Ziyi assisted to a few interviews after the premiere of The Grandmaster yesterday. Fist, they were interviewed in a TV Show for Sina Entertainment. After, they went to a group interview for Entertainment QQ.