Some news of the set of The Grandmasters. A few days ago, Ziyi posted on her blog a picture of Wong Kar Wai’s birthday on the set. Apparently, she’s still shooting at least for some days.

“Over the past couple of days, various Asian outlets have reported about Wong Kar-Wai’s 54th birthday on Wednesday, adding along with it that “Zhang Ziyi posted the birthday celebration photo from the set.” Yes, from the set Even with a hard date now on the books, “The Grandmaster” is apparently “in a hurry to wrap up production.” So, Wong Kar-Wai is still on the set with five months to go before the film hits theaters.”


Several days ago, I’ve shown you the 30 seconds ad of Ziyi’s last commercial for “collagen” water Guizhou Braun. We now have the chance to see the long version with a better quality. By the way, I think it’s the first time we see Ziyi as a mermaid

We finally have some new stills of Ziyi in Dangerous Liaisons. Enjoy !

Edit: More stills have surfaced.

As mentioned before, Guizhou Braun released the first commercial with Ziyi that is currently airing in China. You can watch it on our youtube account. Enjoy!

Beijing blesses London Olympics Games with the special song “Bless You”. The official version is six minutes long and reunite many chinese celebrities like Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing…
Enjoy two lovely pictures of Ziyi.

Finally added Madame Figaro scans. As always we are looking for someone able to translate this article. If you are interested click here.