“She’s Got No Name” Cannes Press Conference

Right after the photocall, the director and cast of She’s Got No Name sat down for a press conference at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. The majority of the questions of the press were directed at Peter Chan and Ziyi. The latter talked about her preparation for her role and confessed her disappointment after noticing one of her favorite scenes not making the final cut.

Shahrbanoo Golmohamadi of Gazettely gave the movie a rating of 9/10 and published an extensive review.

At the core of She’s Got No Name is Zhang Ziyi’s intensely moving lead performance as Zhan-Zhou. She brings quiet dignity to a character coping with unspeakable trauma. Subtle glimpses of her humanity shine through even in Zhan-Zhou’s darkest moments. We feel her inner strength slowly reawakening as her story is told.

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