The Grandmaster at the Berlinale

Yesterday, “The Grandmasteropened the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival where the film received mixed reviews. Wong Kar-wai said in an interview that the international version, shown in Berlin, was easier to understand for international audience, and more mature. Chinese media reported 20 changes, mostly minor changes including additions and omissions from the original version.

Western audience from U.S, Australia, New Zealand and the UK will be able to watch the film in theatres thanks to The Weinstein Co. who acquired the rights of ‘The Grandmaster’.

Ziyi, Tony Leung, DP Philippe Lesourd and Wong Kar Wai were reunited to promote the film.

During the press conference Ziyi said:

“For me, even though I didn’t know who my character was, I still think I’m the luckiest actress in the world,” – “If Wong Kar Wai asked me again to give him this amount of time, I would do it again. That’s how great he is.”


You can watch or re-watch the press conference and the photocall here.

Finally, the team of ‘The Grandmaster’ was reunited to walk on the red carpet. Ziyi was absolutely gorgeous in her green dress.

Stay tuned for more pictures during the weekend!

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