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Dangerous Liaisons Screencaptures

Enjoy more than 1,000 screencaptures of “Dangerous Liaisons” in the gallery.

Busan Film Festival

On October 5th, Ziyi and the cast of Dangerous Liaisons where in South Korea to attend the International Film Festival of Busan.

You can read the whole Q&A on this page.

The red carpet…

The same day, Ziyi attended a special event, an “Open Talk” with Korean director Lee Chang Dong.

“I first met director Lee Chang Dong at a film festival in Hong Kong. After seeing Milyang (Secret Sunshine), I thought this director would be able to see the potential in an actor.”

Director Lee replied, “If I get to work with Zhang Ziyi, I will be able to achieve my dream. I really want to work with her. I think we’ll be able to work together in the near future.”

Read the whole article here.

Dangerous Liaisons Premiere in Shenzhen

Ziyi was in Shenzhen yesterday to promote Dangerous Liaisons. Enjoy some picture in the gallery.

Dangerous Liaisons – Pictures and Trailer

The gallery has been updated with many new pictures of the “Dangerous Liaisons” promotion.

The Dangerous Liaisons premiere in Shanghai.

The Dangerous Liaisons premiere in Beijing.

Dangerous Liaisons press conference – + a video of Ziyi interviewed

Finally, a new trailer of the film.

Dangerous Liaisons Premiere in Shanghai

Enjoy some pictures of Ziyi and the cast of “Dangerous Liaisons” in Shanghai to promote the film!

Dangerous Liaisons Premiere in Beijing

“Dangerous Liaisons” was released today in China. We wish for a great success for the film!

Yesterday, was held in Beijing the premiere of the film. For the first time, the whole cast was reunite. Just like the first press conference, Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung wore respectively a white and a black dress. Enjoy some pictures in the gallery.

The Dangerous Liaisons Beijing premiere.

The Dangerous Liaisons Beijing press conference.

Dangerous Liaisons and Public Appearances

On September 20th, Ziyi attended the Chatterton Hotel opening ceremony in Macau. The actress wore a gorgeous red dress and she was divine! Take a look at some great pictures in the gallery!

I’ve also added some pictures of Ziyi at a “My Lucky Star” press conference. Visit the gallery here.

In the Dangerous Liaisons” gallery, you’ll find some screencaptures of a new trailer, the music video, some stills and 4 new posters!

You can watch the new trailer by clicking here and the full music video by clicking here.

Dangerous Liaisons: Official Website + MV

The official website of “Dangerous Liaisons” was launched yesterday. The website is really beautiful and is full of information and media. Click on the image to visit the website.

Moreover, we can enjoy the official music video of the film called “love come too late” with new footage. Enjoy!