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Rendez-vous with Zhang Ziyi

The special event at the Cannes Film Festival Rendez-vous with Zhang Ziyi was just uploaded on the official website of the festival. You can watch the original version here and the version with English dubbing here. Some gorgeous pictures were added to the gallery.

Ziyi shared a lot yesterday during this masterclass, about her career and herself. She mainly talked about working of films like 2046, The Grandmaster, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but a few others too. Some highlights of the interview were transcribed on the official website of the Cannes Festival.

About her fighting spirit:
I was born into a very traditional family. My mother worked in a maternity hospital and my father was an economist for the government. I didn’t grow up in luxury. My parents worked hard to bring us up and we did not have many activities. I don’t remember my parents encouraging me a lot or saying “I love you.” They have always been demanding with me even though I have won many awards in my career. This has taught me to be demanding of myself. Most of the roles I have interpreted have this perseverence as a a common theme.

On the filming of Yi dai zong shi (The Grandmaster):
This film shoot was the most demanding of my whole career up until now. I was in a very anxious and melancholy period of my life. I remember asking for a day off in the middle of the filming, which was complicated because it would cost a lot of money. But Wong Kar-wai agreed. He knew that I was not feeling well and he showed himself to be very understanding. Today he is a very close friend. I could play any role for him.

My Lucky Star Screencaptures

My Lucky Star is now out on DVD and Blu-ray, so do not hesitate to purchase your copy here! I’ve added more than 1900 HD screencaptures of the film. Enjoy!

My Lucky Star Chengdu Promotion

The promotional tour in China of My Lucky Star ended today in Chengdu. The film was released in Chinese theatres today. As of today, the critical response is far from being positive, but Ziyi isn’t to blame. The actress was described as “luminous” by the Village Voice. Some pictures of the premiere in Chengdu have been added to the gallery.

My Lucky Star Guangzhou Promotion

Once again, Wang Leehom, Zheng Kai and Ziyi are promoting My Lucky Star in various Chinese cities. Today, they have attended a Press Conference in Guangzhou.

My Lucky Star Shanghai Promotion

The promotion for My Lucky Star continues… Ziyi, Wang Leehom and Zheng Kai have attended the press conference of the film in Shanghai.

My Lucky Star Singapore Promotion

Today, Ziyi and Wang Leehom were promoting My Lucky Star in Singapore. Ziyi was absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday, Ziyi will promote My Lucky Star in Shanghai. Stay tuned!

My Lucky Star Macau Promotion

Today, Ziyi and Wang Leehom were promoting My Lucky Star in Macau.

Tomorrow, Ziyi will be attending the premiere of the film at Singapore.

Sina & Ent QQ Interviews

Ziyi, Wang Leehom, Zheng Kai and Terri Kwan appeared in a Sina Interview this morning to promote My Lucky Star.

Then, the cast was interviewed for Ent QQ. Some Pictures in the gallery..