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Dangerous Liaisons: Official Website + MV

The official website of “Dangerous Liaisons” was launched yesterday. The website is really beautiful and is full of information and media. Click on the image to visit the website.

Moreover, we can enjoy the official music video of the film called “love come too late” with new footage. Enjoy!

TIFF: Pictures Addition

As promised, I uploaded many HQ pictures and a very nice photoshoot.

TIFF: Dangerous Liaisons – press conference screencaptures

TIFF: Dangerous Liaisons – Variety Studio

TIFF: Dangerous Liaisons – Portraits

TIFF – Dangerous Liaisons Premiere

Enjoy many HQ pictures of Ziyi at TIFF for the “Dangerous Liaisons” premiere. She looked like a real goddess! More pictures will be added during the week end . Stay tuned!

PS: Please don’t repost the whole album. And please leave a link to the gallery or the site. 谢谢!

TIFF – Dangerous Liaisons Press Conference

Take a look at the “Dangerous Liaisons” Press Conference at TIFF. Be warned, many spoilers!

The press conference is a bit disappointing but Ziyi answered some interesting questions:

Q: How is the chemistry for Ziyi and Gun? How do you see each other in real life, away from the camera?
A [Zhang]: When I initially got the offer, I was really excited because the novel is a really well-known project. As a film fan, I was curious about this movie as well, so it’s a great chance for us to work together to make a beauitful Chinese film even though our director is Korean, our lead actor is Korean. But everyone tried to give their best performance to this movie, so you’d like it.

Q, from the Toronto Sun, for Zhang Ziyi: Usually in Chinese cinema, sexual and sensual subject matter isn’t examined as directly. There are still people who’re uncomfortable with this; was that part of your interest in exploring that theme in the Chinese version of the story?

A [Zhang]: Perhaps you would know, in China there’s no rating system for films. So, most of the Chinese films are quite conservative because of that.

Of course, the novel and previous versions had strong sexual content as part of it. So I think the director, perhaps, used a lot of more detailed, subtle ways of expressing these relationships that are less visual, but nonetheless, very subtle and detailed. So, you won’t be disappointed [laughs].

Q: If you could choose between a good or evil character in the movie, who would you choose? Would the other role be a good fit for you?

A: If I had the choice, I would play both of them. I did mine, so I think the next one will be the other.

Source: TIFF

We’ve uploaded the gallery with many pictures. Many HQ will be added soon, so stay tuned!

TIFF “Dangerous Liaisons” Portraits

TIFF “Dangerous Liaisons” Press Conference

Dangerous Liaisons to be Released in the US

Great great news for American audiences!

The Chinese remake of “Dangerous Liaisons,” screening at the Toronto Film Festival, has sold for U.S. distribution to Wellgo USA Entertainment.
The remake will be released in the United States this fall, an individual close to the project said.

Source: The Wrap

Dangerous Liaisons at TIFF

Dangerous Liaisons will be screened at TIFF for the first time on September 10th. Ziyi, Jang Dong Gun, Hur Jin-Ho and other members of the cast will attend this screening. The film will be also screened on September 11th and September 15th.

“Dangerous Liaisons” received many positives reviews at Directors fortnight, a parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival. Let’s hope the best for this festival!

Dangerous Liaisons – Korean Trailer

Take a look at this new and amazing Korean trailer of “Dangerous Liaisons” and enjoy some new footage with Ziyi.

Dangerous Liaisons Stills

I’ve uploaded new “Dangerous Liaisons” HQ stills. Enjoy!