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2001 Public Appearances Update

Another big gallery update for today.
I’ve added tons of pictures from Ziyi’s appearances in 2001 such as promotion events for Tag Heuer and Lenovo Computers, premieres and press conferences for Rush Hour 2 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

2000 Public Appearances Update

A pretty huge update for today.
I’ve updated the gallery with a lot of old pictures from the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon era. I’ve added pictures from Berlin Film Festival when The Road Home was in official Competition, premieres of Crouching Tiger at Cannes, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, etc… We also have some pictures of Ziyi winning her first major actress award at Hundred Flowers Awards. Stay tuned for gallery updates in the next weeks!

The Grandmasters Still Shooting

Some news of the set of The Grandmasters. A few days ago, Ziyi posted on her blog a picture of Wong Kar Wai’s birthday on the set. Apparently, she’s still shooting, at least for some days.

“Over the past couple of days, various Asian outlets have reported about Wong Kar-Wai’s 54th birthday on Wednesday, adding along with it that “Zhang Ziyi posted the birthday celebration photo from the set.” Yes, from the set Even with a hard date now on the books, “The Grandmaster” is apparently “in a hurry to wrap up production.” So, Wong Kar-Wai is still on the set with five months to go before the film hits theaters.”


Dangerous Liaisons New Stills and Poster

We finally have some new stills of Ziyi in Dangerous Liaisons. Enjoy!

Edit: More stills have surfaced.

Love and Let Love to Shoot Next Year

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of the project with Ziyi “Love and Let Love“. With the tumour diagnosis of John Woo few months ago, it was not likely to begin filming soon. Hopefully we have some developments.

After his surgery, John Woo will need some months to rest. According to Chinese reports, Woo’s producer Terence Chang said in a statement that the film will begin filming in March next year with Ziyi, Chang Chen, Song Hye Kyo and Louis Koo. Apparently everything was ready to shoot a while ago before Woo’s health problem. It won’t be a problem to begin shooting.

Glad to hear that it’s still hapenning and that the film is not postponed indefinitely.
By the way, we’ve just noticed that the contact form wasn’t working well. We now have a new form. Do not hesitate to contact us with the new form.

Sophie’s Revenge 2: Shooting About to Start!

Zhang Ziyi updated her Weibo today with a photo of her, a friend and giant McDull figurines in Hong Kong. Indeed, the actress is in Hong Kong for her next film Sophie’s Revenge sequel非常幸运“.

We also added pictures of Ziyi’s latest public appearance.

Pathfinder will release the DVD of the first movie, Sophie’s Revenge, in the United States. It will be out in July 10!

Dangerous Liaisons New Trailer

A new trailer today from Xie Yifan’s (Jang Dong-gun) perspective. We can enjoy some new images of Ziyi. Screencaps have been added to the gallery.

Moreover, we have some news of Ziyi who is still working hard for “The Grandmasters”.

Dangerous Liaisons New Trailer and Screencaps

Today, we have a new trailer of Dangerous Liaisons with new footage of Ziyi. This trailer is definitely better than the previous one. Enjoy!

You can also enjoy screencaps in the gallery…