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The wait is almost finally over, the first television series ever with Ziyi Monarch Industry, apparently now titled The Rebel Princess, is about to stream on Youku tomorrow January 9th at 10am in China. A few different posters were released and an official trailer is finally here.

The filming of Monarch Industry (it’s not too late to change the English title) is finally over, after an impressive 273 days of filming. We can now confirm Hou Yong, the cinematographer-turned-director behind Jasmine Women, as the director and Gao Hu as the director of photography. Some behind-the-scene pictures were posted online.

Zhejiang TV announced yesterday its line-up for 2019. Ziyi’s first drama is now official and we know a bit more information about the plot thanks to cfensi.

Wang Xuan / Ah Wu (Zhang Ziyi) is an intelligent young lady of the noble Wang clan who is born with the prophecy that “whoever enlists her will be able to rule the world” (not again), and is forced to marry Xiao Qi (Zhou Yiwei), a general from a humble background.

Initially a political union, it turns into a relationship built upon trust and love as Wang Xuan wholeheartedly supports her husband’s ambitions. Xiao Qi originally viewed his wife as a pawn in the bid for power, but is impressed by her political acumen and begins to treat her as his equal.

Forced apart due to the Empress Dowager’s schemes, Wang Xuan and Xiao Qi lead separate armies, eventually defeat the Southern rebels and unify the warring kingdoms, but must come to terms with the fact that the road to the pinnacle of power is bloody and filled with betrayal and deception. Wang Xuan is ultimately forced to choose between her husband’s conquest and the family she holds dear.

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In March, we learnt that Ziyi signed to play in her first television serie : Monarch Industry. A first poster has been unveiled today…