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The X-Factor Premiere

The X-Factor premiered on April 19th in China. This year, Ziyi is a member of the jury. You can watch the show below!

Ziyi to Judge for the Chinese X-Factor

Several days ago, Ziyi was spotted in China while she was recording the Chinese version of X-Factor. Ziyi has been chosen to be on the judging panel of the show. Even if Ziyi is not a singer, the production wanted Ziyi to be a spiritual mentor.

Enjoy the first pictures of the show.

The Gransmaster Paris Promotion

Before going to the Berlinale, Ziyi promoted The Grandmaster in Paris with Tony Leung. Miss Grain capped the French TV Show Square where Ziyi and Leung are interviewed about their role and working on the movie. The gallery was updated with pictures of the show as well as pictures during the shooting of a photo session.

The Grandmaster Interviews

Zhang Jin, Chang Chen, Tony Leung and Ziyi attended a few interviews after the premiere of The Grandmaster yesterday. First, they were interviewed for a TV Show for Sina Entertainment. After, they went to a group interview organized by Entertainment QQ.

Public Appearances Update

Yesterday, Ziyi was one of the celebrities who attended the 29th Taipei Arena concert.

On December 28th, Ziyi recorded the “China Dream Show” with disabled children. Once and again, Ziyi sang for the show.

Ziyi showed her martial arts skills in a TV show she recorded on December 21st.

Ziyi sang at the Teacher’s Day Party

On September 4th Ziyi, sang for CCTV Teacher’s Day party. I’ll add a video as soon as possible. You can enjoy some pictures of Ziyi in the gallery.

Ziyi Singing for the Olympic Games

Several days ago, Ziyi recorded a TV appearance for a TV show to wish the best for London Olympic Games. The show has been broadcasted in China few hours ago. Enjoy Ziyi’s sweet voice and some screencaps. Happy Olympic Games everyone!

Special Olympics Games Dream Ceremony

Jointly sponsored by CCTV, the “Beijing Bless You” Olympic Dream ceremony was recorded live yesterday. Zhang Ziyi was one of the celebrities who sang for the show alongside Sun Nan, Lang Lang, Kelly Chen and Chinese Olympic champions into the National Stadium in front of more than 5,000 spectators.
Enjoy some nice pictures of Ziyi in our gallery.