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The X-Factor Screencaptures

The screencaptures of the entire season of “The X-Factor” were added to the gallery. Enjoy!

X-Factor China Finale

Yesterday, the finale for X-Factor China was aired. The Winner is actually one of Ziyi’s group, Zeng Yiming. We added pictures for most of the episodes.

X-Factor Update & More

I’ve updated the gallery with various pictures from the last few weeks. First, I’ve added everything I could find of Ziyi’s participation to Chinese’s X-Factor: promotional Pictures and pictures from various shows. Ziyi also was in Tokyo at the end of May to promote the Grandmaster. Finally, I’ve added pictures from a candid when Ziyi was at Cannes this year.

The X-Factor Premiere

The X-Factor premiered on April 19th in China. This year, Ziyi is a member of the jury. You can watch the show below!

Ziyi to Judge for the Chinese X-Factor

Several days ago, Ziyi was spotted in China while she was recording the Chinese version of X-Factor. Ziyi has been chosen to be on the judging panel of the show. Even if Ziyi is not a singer, the production wanted Ziyi to be a spiritual mentor.

Enjoy the first pictures of the show.