Zhang Ziyi: 'You cannot hurry love'

December 07, 2014   |   Written by Yong Jing Yi

Actress Zhang Ziyi found herself the subject of some media scrutiny when she was in Singapore late last week to promote the John Woo film, ‘The Crossing’.

The 35-year-old’s relationship with Chinese rocker Wang Feng is well-known, and at an earlier promotional event in Guangzhou in November, Zhang reportedly told news portal Sina Entertainment that her wedding date “should be soon” as she is “not getting any younger”.

This prompted members of the media in Singapore to ask if she may be putting subtle pressure on Wang for marriage.

To that, she said: “Marriage, and life in general, should run its course naturally. Many things, especially matters of the heart, cannot be planned or rushed. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Being in a relationship is about accommodating and giving each other space.”

Then she added jokingly with a half-frowning smile: “You got what I meant, right? Don’t report on the wrong thing.”

Zhang and co-star Tong Dawel as well as director Woo and his daughter, actress Angeles Woo, were in town for the gala premiere of ‘The Crossing’.

The two-parter film is one of the highlights at this year’s Singapore International Film Festival, and is now showing in cinemas here. The second part is scheduled for release in May 2015.

The movie depicts the lives of three couples in war-torn China and its story is based on the sinking of a Chinese steamship, Taiping, in 1949.

It also stars Huang Xiaoming, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Song Hye-kyo and Masami Nagasawa.


Zhang said she chose the role of a nurse driven to prostitution in the movie because she has “never had such tragic experiences” in her life and has not played such a role before.

“When I first received the script, it touched me, especially the emotions each character went through,” she added.

On how she prepared for her role, she said: “Acting is about conveying messages and emotions through your character. When the atmosphere is right and your makeup is done, your real emotions will pour in and the chemistry with your co-star will spark off. This is not something you can prepare for.”


As it turned out, Woo reportedly weaved his personal romance stories with his wife into the plot.

He revealed: “As a romantic, I have always wanted to make a romance film for a long time. I believe that having love gives people hope, strength and warmth. Especially during such turbulent times, romance will still tug at the heart-strings.”

Despite the heavy themes, the 68-year old director teased of the second part to come, that the movie would not have a sad ending.

“You will see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

‘The Crossing’ is now showing in cinemas