Brand: 飞鹤 (Feihe)
Company: Feihe International Co., Ltd. (ADY)
Product: Infant milk powder
Years active: January 2018 –
Country: China
Official Website: www

Brand description:
Feihe, headquartered in Beijing, is the largest and most highly recognized Chinese brand infant milk formula company, according to the Frost & Sullivan (F&S) Report. As a prominent market leader, their brand ranked first among domestic and international peers according to the F&S Report in 2019. According to AC Nielsen Report, their market share in China’s infant milk formula market is 13.9% and the market share in China’s super-premium market (RMB 390/kg to RMB 470/kg) is 25.5% as the date of June 30, 2020. -Source


Soon after promoting Forever Young in China in January 2018, Ziyi filmed a commercial for Feihe and also visited one of the company’s factory. Her endorsement contract with Feihe was officially announced during a press conference Ziyi attended on February 5th. The commercial spot was then unveiled.

1:51 min   |   3752 views
0:16 min   |   3606 views
0:30 min   |   1386 views

In May 2019, a second commercial spot was released in two different versions.

0:32 min   |   1267 views
1:00 min   |   1448 views
2:00 min   |   1342 views

In 2020, only a short commercial spot was filmed. It was released in May 2020.

0:15 min   |   1345 views

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