Brand: Maybelline
Product: Cosmetics
Years Active: March 2001-2011
Spokesperson: Worldwide
About the brand: Maybelline is an American makeup brand sold worldwide and owned by L’Oréal. Their slogan is Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline —Wikipedia

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2001: Express Makeup

Launched in September 2001, Express Makeup 3 in 1 was the first promotional campaign with Maybelline for Ziyi. “Express Makeup 3 in 1 is a stick that covers like a liquid foundation, conceals where needed and finishes like a powder. The blend of emollients and waxes in a unique gel formula produces a light, smooth finish.” Ziyi filmed the TV Commercial for Chinese screens, while Sarah Michelle Gellar filmed a commercial for the United States. Print Ads and 1 TV Commercial were shown in China.

2002: Lash Discovery & White Stay Mousse

During a press conference in May 2002, Ziyi promoted the launch of her second campaign with Maybelline, Lash Discovery. This mini-brush mascara was released in 2002 with print Ads and TV Commercials airing in China, Hong Kong, as well as the United States, becoming one of the first American advertisement with Ziyi in it. The same year, Ziyi appeared on print Ads (4th picture) in China and South Korea for White Stay UV, protecting the skin against UV rays.

2004: Forever Metallics & Dream Matte Mousse

In 2004, Ziyi was a part of two promotional campaigns for Maybelline. Aired in North America, France and Korea, the TV Commercial promoting Forever Metallics, a new metal-shine lipcolor pencil with long-lasting color was the first commercial I had the chance to see with Ziyi. She also was photographed for Print Ads in Japan for Dream Matte Mousse. Print Ads were later available in China.

2005: Superstay, Moisture Extreme, Crimson Blaze…

2005 was a big year with Maybelline for Ziyi. She endorsed products for at least 5 promotional campaigns. First, she posed for TV Prints for Dream Mousse Blush and also White Stay UV (picture 1), both from the same photoshoot. Back in the United States to promote Memoirs of a Geisha, she filmed a TV Commercial for the new Superstay lipcolor 12 hours wear (video 1). Still in North America, she shooted with Adriana Lima on June 16th a commercial for the 2005 Moisture Extreme that aired around Asia later in the year (photo 2 + video 2 & 3). Finally, she was featured in the holiday campaign of Crimson Blaze (picture 3 & 4).

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2006: White Stay Mousse & Moisture Extreme

Ziyi filmed another commercial in the United States in 2006. Even if she barely appeared in the final cuts of the 2006 version of Moisture Extreme, the commercial is still enjoyable. In China, Print Ads of the campaign were featured in magazines with Ziyi on it. During Summer, TV Ads of the 2006 White Stay UV Mousse were aired on Chinese TV (from Taiwan to Hong Kong).

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2007: Moisture Extreme, Unstoppable Shiny Black & White Stay UV

In the Beginning of 2007, a new ad for Moisture Extreme was aired in chinese TV while Print Ads were already available for the “New Petal Pink Collection by Moisture Extreme”. After that, Ziyi filmed TV Adverts for the Unstoppble Shiny Black Campaign, ads that were shown in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and USA. She also endorsed the 2007 campaign of White Stay UV with 3 different TV Commercials for chinese viewers.

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2008: Unstoppable Waterproof, Pure Mineral, Hydra Boost…

In 2008, Ziyi did a lot of promotional campaigns for Maybelline, maybe the biggest year with them. She was in a huge campaign for Pure Mineral, filming an advertisement that was cut into a lot of different versions in China alone. These commercials were released in august. She also make a photoshoot that will be used for print ads in magazines. Posing with various themes in different colors, the campaign was called City Look, also destined to promote Pure Mineral and other products. The pink version of the shoot was also released as the Pink Blossom campaign. She also promoted the lipstick Pure Crystal in China. She was in print ads for Unstoppable Waterproof, 2008 edition of White Stay UV and Watershine Pure Lip Dew. Finally, she filmed in New York in may commercials for Total Clean and Hydra Boost that was released in December the same year.

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2009: Pure Mineral, Watershine, Total Clean & Lip Smooth

Ziyi only endorsed products in China in 2009 for the brand. In the beginning of the year, Maybelline released the new White Stay UV commercial (the print ads were released at the end of 2008). Ziyi was also the new Pure Mineral campaign featuring the same images of the last campaign of Pure Mineral, as well as footages from Hydra Boost and Total Clean with new footage. The same thing happened with commercials for Total Clean of that year, with new and old footage from the last ads. The TV commercial for Watershine, that was filmed in january and got a lot of attention from paparazzis, was released late in the year. Print ads for Lip Smooth were also out in the last quarter of 2009.

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2010: Lip Smooth, Pure Mineral & Total Clean

With the huge scandal of 2010, Ziyi didn’t filmed a lot of commercials that year. The TV ad for Lip Smooth was released at the beggining of the year. A new advert for Total Clean was also showed on chinese TV. Finally, Maybelline celebrated the 10 years cooperation between Ziyi and them, with the release of a new commercial for Pure Mineral.

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2011: Pure Mineral & End of the contract

With the contract of Ziyi apparently ending, Ziyi was only featured in 1 print ad in 2011. It’s not a big surprise that it was for Pure Mineral.