Brand: 蒙牛 (Mengniu)
Product: Milk
Years Active: March 2010 – 2012
Spokesperson: China
About the brand: China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited and its subsidiaries manufacture and distribute quality dairy products in China. It is one of the leading dairy product manufacturers in China, with MENGNIU as the core brand-Official site

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In 2009, Zhang Ziyi starred in comedy Sophie’s Revenge. Her character is actually very found of milk. Right after the success of the film, Ziyi became the face of the chinese compagny Mengniu to promote milk. Two commercials were aired in China that year. One with Ziyi promoting natural milk and the other a fruity milk.

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In 2012, Ziyi first appeared in a special commercial aired in China to celebrate the new year with other celebrities. Soon after, they released a new commercial where Ziyi is enjoying drinking milk on a beach.

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