Brand: Newpage (一页)
Company: Chicmax (上美)
Product: Baby skincare
Years active: March 2023 –
Country: China
Official Website: www (English), www (Chinese)

Brand description:
Chicmax is a leader of multi-brand domestic cosmetics industry endowed with scientific research. It originated in 2002, and it now owns KANS, One Leaf, Baby Elephant, and many other brands, laying out the three major channels of skincare, maternity and childcare, and toiletries. Newpage was founded by Ziyi, a scientist called Huang Hu and Cui Yutao, a parenting expert. The collaborative innovation between “Medicine and Research” model jointly established Newpage brand. -Source


In early March, Ziyi’s involvement with Newpage was announced, along with various videos including TV commercials, a short message clip and an interview.

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The second advertising campaign was filmed on April 29th, 2024.