Platinum Guild
Platinum Guild
Brand: Platinum Guild
Product: Jewellery
Years Active: March 2007-2010
Spokesperson: Asia
About the brand: Platinum Guild International is an organization funded by leading South African platinum producers and refiners. Founded in 1975, PGI has been providing information, sales support and training to all levels of the jewelry trade for almost 30 years. -Official Site

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On March 22, 2007, Ziyi became the official spokeperson of Platinum Guild and replaced the famous actress Maggie Cheung. Thas year, Ziyi did print ads and several TV commercials in Hawaii where she appeared running on the beach in a long white dress.

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In 2008, Ziyi did a series of print ads and promoted the brand during a press conference held in China. She also celebrated the 10 years of the brand in China on September 1 of this year.


At the end of her contrat, Ziyi did a new series of print ads and TV commercials. Filmed in New Zealand, these new TV commercials featured Ziyi in breathtaking landscapes.

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