Brand: 小仙炖 (Xiaoxiandun)
Company: 北京市小仙炖电子商务有限公司 (Beijing Xiaoxiandou E-commerce)
Product: Food products
Years active: May 2020 –
Country: China
Official Website: www

Brand description:
Xiaoxian was founded in August 2014 by Lin Xiaoxian, who used her name for the company. Xiaoxiandun is a brand making sweetened natural fresh boiled bird nests.

Ziyi explained her participation with the brand and it’s creator Lin Xiaoxian:

I have eaten Xiaoxian boiled bird nests for a very long time, and I have always liked it. Later, I met Lin Xiaoxian, the founder of Xiaoxian. I learned how much she puts energy and resources on creating good products. Her professionalism and authenticity really touched me, so I decided to promote it. I would also like to recommend it to everyone.

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