Jasmine Women

Original Title: 茉莉花开
Directed by: Hou Yong
Written by: Hou Yong, Zhang Xian, Su Tong (Novel)
Cinematography: Yao Xiaofeng
Music by: Su Cong
Country: China
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
Duration: 130 min
Release Dates: 15 June 2004 (Shanghai Film Festival), 26 April 2006 (China)
Filming Dates: 7 March 2003 – July 2003
Filming Locations: Shanghai, China

Jasmine Women follows a family whose female members from three different generations all experience frustration in marriage, as if the family is cursed. In the 1930s, Mo, brought up by her single mother, develops a romance with the studio manager and is dumped after she gets pregnant. She blames her daughter Li for all her miseries. In the 1960s, Li can no longer put up with her mother Mo and marries a construction worker. Being impotent, Li adopts a child from the orphan named Hua. In the 1980s, Li suspects that her husband has an incestuous affair with Hua. Her husband commits suicide and Li becomes schizophrenic. Hua’s marriage is no better than her mother’s or grandmother’s – her husband finds a mistress and she decides to divorce him although she has already conceived his child.


Zhang Ziyi
Mo / Li / Hua

Joan Chen
Mo / Li

Jiang Wen
Mr. Meng

Lu Yi
Xia Du

Liu Ye
Zou Jie

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• The director wanted one actress to play the three principal characters. He wanted the best actress in China. In 2003, He believed that Ziyi was enough mature for the role.
• The film supposed to be release in Chinese theaters in 2004, but due to conflict of interest among rights owners, it was not released until 2006.
• The film is based on Su Tong’s book “Life of Women”. The first two parts with Mo and Li are basically shot based on the book. The last part with Hua has been changed a lot, and the ending is much more brighter than in the book.

Awards and Nominations

24th Golden Rooster Awards
Best Actress (2004)

Nominations: 10th Huabiao Film Awards, 7th Changchun Film Festival, Hangzhou Student Film Festival

Ceremony Category Recipient Result
2004 Shanghai Film Festival Golden Goblet Hou Yong Nominated
Special Jury Award Hou Yong Won
Best Feature (Press Prize) Hou Yong Won
2004 Tokyo Film Festival Asian Film Award Hou Yong Nominated
2004 Golden Rooster Awards Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Won
Best Art Direction Min Zong-Si Nominated
Best Music Cong Su Nominated
Best Sound Ling Wu Nominated
2004 Huabiao Film Awards Best Film Nominated
Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated
2005 Changchun Film Festival Best Director Hou Yong Nominated
Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated
2006 Hangzhou Student Film Festival Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated
2007 Chinese Film Media Awards Best Supporting Actress Joan Chen Nominated