Love for Life
Original Title: 最爱
Directed by: Gu Changwei
Written by: Gu Changwei, Yang weiwei, Yan Laoshi
Cinematography: Gu Changwei, Yang Tao, Christopher Doyle
Music by: Zuoxiao Zuzhou
Country: China
Genres: Drama, Romance
Duration: 100 min
Release Dates: 10 May 2011 (China), 2 Nov. 2011 (Rome Film Festival)
Filming Dates: April 2010 – 8 July 2010
Filming Locations: China (Beijing)

Set in a remote village in Mainland China during the 1990s, Love for Life centers on villager Deyi, who used to lead a simple, harmonious life with his family. But his selfish elder brother Qiquan, desperate to escape poverty, deals in the black market blood trade and persuades the villagers to sell their blood. An infectious and incurable “fever” epidemic soon breaks out, and the once peaceful village becomes plagued by fear, hatred, and suspicion. Driven by guilt, Qiquan’s father Lao Zhuzhu rounds up the afflicted – Deyi included – and accommodates them in the deserted school as a temporary home. In that isolated community where conflicts and despair come unchecked, Deyi finds renewed passion for life when he meets fellow outcast Qinqin, the forsaken wife of his cousin. Fueled by mutual pity, the two tortured souls seek solace in each other, and decide to take their last chance at happiness while their days are numbered.


Aaron Kwok
Zhao Deyi

Zhang Ziyi
Shang Qinqin

Pu Cunxin
Qi Quan

Jiang Wenli

Tao Zeru

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♦ AIDS is a real problem in China. The film with its documentary helped to break the taboo of AIDS in China.
♦ Together, directed by Zhao Liang, is a documentary of the film with portraits of AIDS patient.
♦ In the film, some characters are played by real AIDS Patients.
♦ The film was selected at the Roma international film festival in 2011.
♦ After the film, Ziyi became spokesperson of Red Ribbon China.
♦ More than 50 minutes were cut before the final cut thay have been seriously re-edited to make the film more commercially viable.
♦ Many chinese celebrities made cameo in the film like Jiang Wen, Feng Xiaogang and Chuan Lu.

Awards and Nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Result
2011 Shanghai Film Critics Awards Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Won
Best Director Gu Changwei Won
2011 Youku TV Awards Best Actor Aaron Kwok Won
Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Won
Best Director Gu Changwei Won
2011 Most Beautiful Person of China Awards Beauty of Strong Will Zhang Ziyi Won
2011 Golden Rooster Award Best Actor Aaron Kwok Nominated
2011 Rome Film Festival Lancia Award Zhang Ziyi Won
Golden Marc’Aurelio Award Gu Changwei Nominated
2011 Golden Horse Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Jiang Wenli Nominated
2012 China Film Director’s Guild Awards Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Won
2012 Beijing Student Film Festival Best Picture Nominated
Best Director Gu Changwei Won
Best Actor Aaron Kwok Nominated
Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated
2013 Chouyan Film Awards Best Director Gu Changwei Won
Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Won