Musa: The Warrior

Original Title: 무사
Directed by: Kim Sung-su
Written by: Kim Sung-su
Cinematography: Kim Hyung-koo
Music by: Shiro Sagisu
Country: South Korea
Genres: Action, Drama, History War
Duration: 155 min
Release Dates: 7 Sept. 2001 (South Korea), 14 Sept. 2001(TIF)
Filming Dates: 2000 – 22 December 2000
Filming Locations: China (Liaoning)

In 1375, China was in chaos between Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. Coryo (an ancient kingdom of Korea then) sent a delegation of many diplomats, soldiers and a silent slave to make peace with the new Chinese government. However, this delegation got charged as spies and sent in exile to a remote desert. On the way the group came across a Yuan troop, and the Coryo soldiers managed to survive the battle. They began the journey toward the faraway home country, where they met the Yuan troop again. When they found out the Yuan troop kidnapped a Ming princess, they decided to rescue her so that they could get a ship to go home. Then the battle began. -IMDb


Jung Woo-sung

Joo Jin-mo
Choi Jung

Zhang Ziyi
Princess Bu-yong

Ahn Sung-ki

Park Yong-woo

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• During filming in China, Woo-sung Jung got knee-injury while shooting one of his fight scenes and had to stay behind after the Korean crew came back to Korea. —IMDb
• The film is regarded as being one of the biggest motion pictures in the history of South Korean cinema. At the time of its production its budget was the largest ever for a Korean film. It features a high degree of historical accuracy in period costumery, props, settings, and most unusually, language; that is, everyone speaks in their native tongues or through an interpreter conversant in a lingua franca. —Wikipedia

Awards and Nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Result
2001 Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Editing Hyun Kim Won
Best Supporting Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated
2001 Busan Film Critics Association Best Cinematography Hyung Koo Kim Won
2001 Cine21 Awards Best Cinematography Hyung Koo Kim Won
2003 Fantasia Film Festival Best Asian Film Sung-su Kim Nominated