My Wife is a Gangster 2

Original Title: 조폭 마누라 2 – 돌아온 전설
Directed by: Jeong Heung-sun
Written by: Lee Sun-yeol
Cinematography: Jo Dong-gwan
Music by: Park Jeong-hyeon
Country: South Korea
Genres: Comedy, Action, Crime
Duration: 110 min
Release Dates: 5 September 2003 (South Korea)
Filming Dates: 2003
Filming Locations: South Korea

The Mantis Gang are battling a rival gang on the rooftop of a city skyscraper. A helicopter arrives and Cha Eun-Jin, one of the top figures in the Mantis Gang and deadly with knives, enters the fray. During the battle, Cha Eun-Jin falls off the rooftop and lands on a truck bed carrying chickens. Although Cha Eun-Jin survives the fall, she loses her memory and the truck takes her out of the city. Eun-Jin is then helped by Jae-Chul, a Chinese restaurant cook. Unable to remember anything about her past, Eun-Jin begins working for the Chinese restaurant as a delivery woman. Her life is relatively peaceful, until rival gang members learn about her whereabouts -Amazon


Shin Eun-Kyung
Cha Eun-jin

Park Jun-gyu
Yun Jae-cheol

Jang Se-jin
Baek Sang-eo

Choi Eun-joo

Zhang Ziyi
Triad Boss

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Jan 01, 2004
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• Ziyi only appears in a short fight scene at the end of the film.