Sophie’s Revenge

Original Title: 菲常完美
Directed by: Jin Yimeng
Written by: Jin Yimeng
Cinematography: Armando Salas
Music by: Nathan Wang
Country: China, South Korea
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Duration: 107 min
Release Date: 14 August 2009 (China)
Filming Dates: December 2008 – February 2009
Filming Locations: China (Beijing, Tianjin)

Dumped by her fiance just two months before their wedding, comic strip writer Sophie hatches an elaborate plan to get her Jeff back and punish the movie star, Joanna, who seduced him away. She finds herself a partner, Gordon, an ex-lover of Joanna’s. The two start on a comic adventure full of laughs and tears, aided by Sophie’s two best friends, Lucy and Lily. At the eve of her success, Sophie suddenly realizes that she has been so focused on revenge that she has not heard her own change of heart.


Zhang Ziyi

Fan Bingbing

So Ji-sub

Peter Ho

Ruby Lin

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• Originally 120 minutes long, but around 10 minutes were deleted in the Chinese version.
• Producer ‘Beaver Kwei’ first worked with ‘Zhang Ziyi’ and Ling Lucas on the film Hero by Yimou Zhang.
• This is the first contemporary mainland China film where the producers had the final cut rights instead of the director.
• Many crew had cameo roles in the film. The director was in the movie theater. CJ rep Mr. Kim, producer Beaver, behind the scene video, the ADs were in the elevator. One of the top Chinese super model Jacqueline Zhao also had a cameo in the film as well. Beijing mega club China Doll manager Aiwan played the publishing editor in the film. —IMDb
• It’s Ziyi’s first appearance in such an avant-garde film. Compared to many of Zhang Ziyi’s other films, Sophie’s Revenge has a much more ordinary and simple plot while the costumes are more contemporary. Zhang even wears more than ten nightgowns.
• The story, set in Beijing, features top Asian stars and Chinese remakes of bouncy K-pop tunes, but shows no hint of regional color and strictly limits the camera to cosmopolitan venues like gyms and modern art galleries. —Wikipedia
• This is the first film Ziyi is producing.

Awards and Nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Result
2010 Guangzhou Student Film Festival Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated
2010 RAIL Iron Awards Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated
2010 Students Video Festival Most Watched Actress Zhang Ziyi Won
2011 Huading Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Ruby Lin Won