The Crossing: Part 1

Original Title: 太平轮
Directed by: John Woo
Written by: Wang Hui-ling, Su Chao-bin
Cinematography: Zhao Fei
Music by: Taro Iwashiro
Country: China, Hong Kong
Genres: Drama, War, Romance
Duration: 129 min
Release Dates: 2 Dec. 2014 (China), 4 Dec. (Singapore Film Festival)
Filming Dates: 6 July 2013 – December 2013
Filming Locations: China (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai), Taiwan, Mongolia

The first of a two-part epic, this war-time drama follows the fortunes of three men inextricably linked by fate. In 1945, the Chinese army led by General Lei defeats the Japanese troops. An army signaller successfully captures a Taiwanese doctor on the Japanese payroll. After the Japanese surrender, the three embark on different paths. Lei returns to Shanghai and marries a rich family’s daughter. The doctor returns home to find that his Japanese lover has been repatriated, while his former captor falls in love with a nurse. Peace reigns until the Chinese civil war breaks out. With the unrest, many rush to board the Taiping, a Chinese steamer headed for Taiwan. In the ensuing chaos, an accident spells tragedy for all on board. –Singapore Film Festival


Takeshi Kaneshiro
Yan Shikun

Zhang Ziyi
Yu Zhen

Song Hye-kyo
Zhou Yunfen

Huang Xiaoming
Lei Yifang

Tong Dawei
Tong Daqing

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• The film is inspired by real events: “The two-part epic is set during the Chinese Civil War and revolves around three couples from different backgrounds whose lives are affected by the sinking of the steamer Taiping, which led to the deaths of over 1,500 passengers and crew.”-Deadline
• The film will be released in two parts, hitting most Asian markets in 3D, with 2D versions of the film hitting foreign markets.-CriEnglish
• John Woo worked on the “The Crossing” during 6 years.
Ziyi accepted to join the cast without finishing to read the script.
• While promoting the film in Singapore, Ziyi told the media that “filming conditions were tough in Beijing and joked that if the movie was shot in Singapore instead, it would have been a lot more comfortable”.-Channel News Asia
• On working with Woo, Ziyi expressed how hard whe wanted to work with him : “Who wouldn’t want a chance to work with the legendary John Woo?” she said. “My generation of actors all relish an opportunity to work with a director like him. He’s a very caring director. Plus, when I looked at the script, I was very moved.” –Today Online
• John Woo said while promoting the film in Singapore that : “When asked why he chose to shoot a wartime romance instead of an action film, Woo said he “loved 60s films like Dr Zhivago” too much, and wanted to shoot a “more female-centric film” for a change”.-Channel News Asia
• Woo also “explained that his views on film-making have changed quite a bit since he recovered from his illness. “As a director, I feel I should care more about society and promote love. I think I haven’t cared enough. In The Crossing, I put myself in a more objective position. The message of the film is really to face difficulties head on and also find the strength to help others along the way”.-Channel News Asia
• “In the movie, Zhang plays Yu Zhen, a woman who goes through much hardship – including being a prostitute – in order to find happiness with her beloved. “She has persistence and perseverance and I think all successful women in the world have that trait,” she said. “So why did I choose to do this role? Because in my life, I’ve never had this same experience. I never had to endure (Yu Zhen’s) pain. It was a very challenging role”.
“If I find a movie and role that I like, I’ll insist on doing it,” she added. “Even though it might be very difficult preparing for it and filming it. If I really believe that my choice is correct, then I’ll do it! Because you become stronger after the going through a difficult process.” –Today Online

Awards and Nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Result
2015 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Film of Merit (9) Won
2015 Hong Kong Film Awards Best Cinematography Zhao Fei Nominated
Best Film Editing David Wu Won
Best Art Direction Horace Ma Nominated
Best Costume Design Chen Tongxun Nominated
Best Music Taro Iwashiro Nominated
Best Sound Design Tu Duu Chih Won
2015 Huading Film Awards Best Supporting Actor Tong Dawei Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Yu Feihong Nominated