The Volunteers: To the War

Original Title: 志愿军:雄兵出击
Directed by: Chen Kaige
Written by: Zhang Ke, Lan Xiaolong
Cinematography: Zhao Fei
Music by: Wang Zhiyi
Country: China
Genres: Drama, War
Duration: 141 min
Release Date: September 28th, 2023 (China)
Filming Dates: April 2022 – August 15th 2023
Filming Locations: China

In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, New China was faced with “internal and external troubles”. Since the outbreak of the Korean Civil War, the U.S. military has repeatedly provoked the border between China and North Korea, and civilians have been brutally bombed. In order to maintain the hard-won peace and long-term stability for generations, in October 1950, the Chinese People’s Volunteers entered North Korea, and the “Resist US Aid Korea” war kicked off. —Themoviedb


Tang Guoqing
Mao Zedong

Wang Yanhui
Peng Dehuai

Liu Jin
Zhou Enlai

Zhang Songwen
Wu Xiuquan

Zhu Yawen
Wu Benzheng

Zhang Ziyi
Tang Sheng

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To the War is the first entry in a war film trilogy.
• The film marks the second feature film collaboration between Chen Kaige and Ziyi. Forever Enthralled was the first time Ziyi worked with him. Chen Kaige also directed a short film for the television reality show The Birth of an Actor in 2017.