Original Title: 在一起
Directed by: Zhao Liang
Written by: Zhao Liang
Cinematography: Zhao Liang
Music by: Dou Peng
Country: China, Hong Kong
Genres: Documentary
Duration: 83 min
Release Dates: 1 Dec. 2010 (China), 14 Feb 2011 (Berlin)
Filming Dates: April 2010 – July 2010
Filming Locations: China (Beijing)

Zhao Liang’s film portrays Aids sufferers of both genders; they are all people with very different biographies. As if it wasn’t bad enough being infected by HIV, their suffering is compounded by the fact that in the People’s Republic of China the disease is hushed up and people living with Aids are ostracised. In China, the public at large knows very little about the disease and most people associate the virus with promiscuity. This fear of discrimination forces most patients to hide the fact that they are positive. The Aids sufferers in Zhao Liang’s film were willing to share their experiences with him. The filmmaker was able to make contact with them via internet support groups; he also visited children with Aids at a ‘red ribbon’ school; but above all, he talked to Aids sufferers during the making of Gu Changwei’s film. It is their presence which lends Changwei’s film its particular authenticity. —Berlinale


Zhang Ziyi

Gu Changwei

Jiang Wenli

Tao Zeru

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