Touching Starlight

Original Title: 星星点灯
Directed by: Sun Wenxue
Written by: Sun Wenxue
Cinematography: Meng Weibing, Yan Yu
Music by: N/A
Country: China
Genre: Drama
Duration: 93 min
Release Date: 23 August 1996 (China)
Filming Dates: 1996
Filming Locations: China (Beijing)

Touching Starlight is a true story about a young girl, Chen Wei, an aspiring dancer whose hopes and dreams for the future are dashed when her leg is amputated due to cancer. To encourage others to overcome their handicaps and to live successful and productive lives, Chen Wei starts a local radio talk program, “Starlight,” which also works to address the acceptance of the handicapped by the community at large. Unfortunately, though the radio program proves to be immensely popular due to her hard work and the tireless support of her numerous friends, Chen Wei is forced to leave when it’s learned that her cancer has spread, becoming terminal. -IMDb


Zhang Ziyi
Chen Wei

Sun Min
Zhao Dalei

Jiang Shan


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Aug 14, 2011
GB Times
Actress Zhang Ziyi is China's pride

• A DVD and a VCD were released by fans. They are now very hard to find.
• Ziyi’s voice was apparently dubbed by another actress in the film.