The X-Factor – Episodes

The Episodes

The first season is composed of 15 episodes.

Episode 1

Location: Shenzhen
Aired: April 19th 2013
Phase: Casting
Ziyi’s yes and no: 8 YES and 14 NO

♦ Ziyi was the only member of the jury to say no to Zeng Yiming (song: 也许明天).

Episode 2

Location: Shanghai
Aired: May 3rd 2013
Phase: Casting
Ziyi’s yes and no: 9 YES and 3 NO

Episode 3

Location: Beijing
Aired: May 10th 2013
Phase: Casting
Ziyi’s yes and no: 13 YES 1 NO

♦ In this episode the famous singer Alan Dawa Dolma joined the show.  Ziyi recognized her immediately as the singer of  Red Cliff theme. The singer had 3 YES and 1 No from Eason Chan.

Episode 4

Location: Beijing
Aired: May 17th 2013
Phase: Eliminations

Episode 5

Location: Hainan
Aired: May 18th 2013
Ziyi’s team at the begining of the episode:  曾一鸣、黄泓彬、宾俊杰、刘文杰、金贵晟、尹熙水
Ziyi’s team at the end of the episode:  曾一鸣、金贵晟、尹熙水

♦ In the begining of the episode Ziyi discovers her team (males).
♦ Ziyi is helped by a music teacher til the end of the show.

Episode 6

Location: Beijing
Aired: May 24th 2013
Phase: Eliminations

♦ In this episode, each judge pick a little box with a figure wich correspond to an order of passage. There is 3 rounds.
♦ At the end of the episode, contestants are put in two different group – one group is saved, the other in danger.

Ziyi’s Team ordre of passage song score Result
Jin Gui Sheng First round: 3rd 对不起我爱你 /I’m sorry I love you 21.40% Lose
Yoon Hee water Second round: 1st 想太多 / Think too much 37.40% Won
Zang Yiming Third Round: 2nd 火烧的寂寞 / Burning loneliness 27.20% Lose
Episode 7

Location: Beijing
Aired: May 31th 2013

♦ In this episode, the coachs have to pick a box. In one of those there is an X. This X gives the power to repecher un candidat. In this episode Ziyi has the X and choose to repecher Qin Ni (Zheng jun) face à Chen Yiling (Luo dayou).

Constestants Ziyi’s notes
Qin Ni 8
Chen Yiling 8
Zeng Yiming 9
新声驾到 7
Episode 8

Location: Beijing
Aired: June 1st 2013

♦ In this episode 8 contestants are competing each others. Each coach have to make strategic choices to help their contestants win.

Ziyi’s team Song VS + Ziyi’s decision
Yinxi Shui 北京北京 / Beijing Beijing 1st round: Yinxi Shui (44,11%) VS Liu Ruiqi (Luo dayou) (55.89%)
2nd round: Yinxi Shui (51,75%) VS Lin Jun (48,25%)
Jin Gui Sheng I Believe I can Fly  1st round: Jin Gui Sheng VS Qin Ni
Episode 9

Location: Beijing
Aired: June 7th 2013

Episode 10

Location: Beijing
Aired: June 8th 2013

Episode 11

Location: Beijing
Aired: June 14th 2013
About the episode: Zhang Ziyi was so upset with Lo Ta-yu’s criticisms of contestant Zeng Yiming that she walked out of the studio in tears. Ta-yu meted out harsh comments on Yiming for nearly 20 minutes, reprimanding him for his ‘lack of respect’ for the harmonising band and mentors, and for his ‘superficial’ performance. Ziyi interrupted Ta-yu’s speech by pounding the table, yelling, ‘I really can’t listen to this anymore!’ What followed was an argument on stage between the two mentors. The actress burst out in tears after her advice to not deflate the contestants’ confidence, which was directed at Da-yu, fell on deaf ears.

Episode 12

Location: Beijing
Aired: June 15th 2013

Episode 13

Location: Beijing
Aired: June 21st 2013

Episode 14

Location: Beijing
Aired: June 22nd 2013

Episode 15

Location: Beijing
Aired: June 28th 2013
Phase: Finale
About the episode: Zeng Yiming, became the winner of the show. Ziyi was his mentor.