Sun Honglei

Chinese name: 孙红雷
Born: August 16, 1970
From: Harbin, China
Occupation: Actor
Worked with Ziyi: 3 times

3 Collaborations

Founding of a Republic

Forever Enthralled

The Road Home

Sun developed an interest in acting and performances at a young age. He often skipped school to learn breakdancing on the streets and eventually gave up his studies entirely to pursue dancing as a career, eventually performing with a modern dance troupe for several years. Later, Sun became a popular local nightclub singer and host before going into acting. In 1995, Sun attended the Central Academy of Drama, where he graduated in 1997. He has since gone on to star in numerous TV dramas and films, winning many awards for his stage work. Sun is probably best known to Asian cinema fans for his supporting performances in Seven Swords, Triangle and Blood Brothers. Since October 2011, Sun has played the starring role in the popular Chinese series Nanren Bang, portraying urban romantic life from a male perspective. —Wiki

With Ziyi
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♦ Although Ziyi and Sun Honglei were both starring in The Road Home as the lead, they never filmed a scene together until Forever Enthralled in 2008.