Zhang Yibai

Chinese name: 张一白
Born: 1963
From: Chongqing, China
Occupation: Director, producer, actor
Worked with Ziyi: 2 times

Run for Love (2016)

Better and Better (2013)

Zhang Yibai is a Chinese film director. Zhang began his career in television and music videos before directing his debut, Spring Subway in 2002.

Zhang, like many other modern Chinese directors, has focused primarily on life in modern Chinese cities. Spring Subway, for example, follows its protagonist as he wanders through Beijing’s subway system, while the mystery-thriller Curiosity Killed the Cat follows its characters through the central China boomtown of Chongqing (also Zhang’s hometown).

Zhang’s next two films, 2007’s The Longest Night in Shanghai and 2008’s Lost, Indulgence have seen the director’s exposure and successes extending increasingly overseas. Longest Night, starring Zhao Wei, constitutes one of the first China-Japan coproductions, while Lost was selected to premiere at New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival in 2008.—Wiki

Music Videos
5:01 min   |   2433 views
4:41 min   |   1582 views
2:26 min   |   1679 views

♦ Zhang Yibai also directed Ziyi is 3 music videos. In 2013, he ghost-directed and edited 2 music videos to promote My Lucky Star in China: 《自由飞翔》and 《爱一点》. In August 2015, he directed Ziyi in Wang Feng’s music video for 《无处安放》.
♦ Although he directed 2 movies with Ziyi, he never directed her in a full feature film. Ziyi only had a cameo in Better and Better. Ziyi was only featured in a short segment of about 30 mins in Run for Love.