Special Olympics Games Dream Ceremony

Jointly sponsored by CCTV, the “Beijing Bless You” Olympic Dream ceremony was recorded live yesterday. Zhang Ziyi was one of the celebrities who sang for the show alongside Sun Nan, Lang Lang, Kelly Chen and Chinese Olympic champions into the National Stadium in front of more than 5,000 spectators.
Enjoy some nice pictures of Ziyi in our gallery.

Guizhou Braun Commercial

As mentioned before, Guizhou Braun released the first commercial with Ziyi that is currently airing in China. You can watch it on our youtube account. Enjoy!

Zhang Ziyi Recording “Bless You”

Beijing blesses London Olympics Games with the special song “Bless You”. The official version is six minutes long and reunite many Chinese celebrities like Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing… Enjoy two lovely pictures of Ziyi.

Madame Figaro – Scans

We finally added the scans for Madame Figaro. As always we are looking for someone able to translate this article. If you are interested click here.

Adverts Update

The advertisement section is now up to date with some new and not so new promotional pictures. First, 5 new pictures of the milk product Ziyi is endorsing, Mengniu.

Also, I’ve replaced the only picture of the brand Icoll with a new one with a better quality. The first adverts are now on the web, I’ve added the 3 of them. It won’t be a big surprise if the video commercial is coming soon…

Don’t forget to check the new promotional stills of Omega in the gallery.

Love and Let Love to Shoot Next Year

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of the project with Ziyi “Love and Let Love“. With the tumour diagnosis of John Woo few months ago, it was not likely to begin filming soon. Hopefully we have some developments.

After his surgery, John Woo will need some months to rest. According to Chinese reports, Woo’s producer Terence Chang said in a statement that the film will begin filming in March next year with Ziyi, Chang Chen, Song Hye Kyo and Louis Koo. Apparently everything was ready to shoot a while ago before Woo’s health problem. It won’t be a problem to begin shooting.

Glad to hear that it’s still hapenning and that the film is not postponed indefinitely.
By the way, we’ve just noticed that the contact form wasn’t working well. We now have a new form. Do not hesitate to contact us with the new form.

Sophie’s Revenge 2: Shooting About to Start!

Zhang Ziyi updated her Weibo today with a photo of her, a friend and giant McDull figurines in Hong Kong. Indeed, the actress is in Hong Kong for her next film Sophie’s Revenge sequel非常幸运“.

We also added pictures of Ziyi’s latest public appearance.

Pathfinder will release the DVD of the first movie, Sophie’s Revenge, in the United States. It will be out in July 10!

It’s Been 5 Years…

Today, Zhang Ziyi Infos is celebrating five years online! Thank you for all the support over the years. We hope we’ll continue for a long long time.


For this occasion, we brought back the pages that were missing since we switched to the new host. Check out the new filmography page with many information for each films. The awards and nominations page has been updated. Finally the extras section is now re-opened. Enjoy!