Character: Spokesperson since December 2020.
Created by: Libai Group (立白集团)
Produced by: Guangzhou Liby Group Co., Ltd.
Production dates: December 2020 - 2021

Founded by the Liby Group (Guangzhou Liby Group Co., Ltd.) is a major Chinese cleaning products company that was created in April 1994.

Original Title: 2046
Directed by: Wong Kar-wai
Written by: Wong Kar-wai
Cinematography: Christopher Doyle, Kwan Pun-leung, Lai Yiu-fai
Music by: Shigeru Umebayashi
Country: Hong Kong
Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Duration: 129 min
Release Dates: 20 May 2004 (Cannes), 29 Sept. 2004 (Hong Kong)
Filming Dates: November 2001 – March 2003
Filming Locations: China (Shanghai, Macau), Thailand

He was a writer. He thought he wrote about the future but it really was the past. In his novel, a mysterious train left for 2046 every once in a while. Everyone who went there had the same intention… recapture their lost memories. It was said that in 2046, nothing ever changed. Nobody knew for sure if it was true, because nobody who went there had ever come back- except for one. He was there. He chose to leave. He wanted to change. -IMDb


Tony Leung
Chow Mo-wan

Zhang Ziyi
Bai Ling

Gong Li
Su Li-zhen

Faye Wong
Wang Jing-wen

Takuya Kimura

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♦ It is a loose sequel to the 1991 Hong Kong film Days of Being Wild and the 2000 Hong Kong film In the Mood for Love.
♦ While 2046 was being filmed, a photographer from Sudden Weekly, a Hong Kong tabloid, bribed his way onto the set. After his pictures of the interior of the Oriental Hotel were published, ‘Wong Kar Wai’ ordered the set to be rebuilt. The photographer was subsequently sentenced to three months’ jail for corruption.
♦ The title of the film refers to the last year before the 50-year period the Chinese Government promised to let Hong Kong remain as it is. Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.
♦ The print for Cannes arrived three hours before the delayed premier, escorted by police. It is the first film in Cannes’ history to arrive so late that re-schedulings were necessary.
♦ It took four years to complete the film. During that time, production was shut down during the SARS epidemic in March 2003.
♦ Originally conceived as a story of a hit man in Bangkok (hence the casting of Thai actor Bird Thongchai McIntyre). The hit man was to be played by Japanese superstar Takuya Kimura, and the events to be played out in a hotel in room 2046.
♦ In one of the original versions, Tony Leung was to play a futuristic postman.
♦ The camera points to the left side of Faye Wong’s face when she cries. She has problems crying with her right eye, so Wong Kar-Wai shot her crying scenes on the left side of her face. However, there is one scene where the camera films the right side of her face purposely.
♦ In one of the original versions, Tony Leung was to play a futuristic postman.
♦ The director declined the invitation to screen the film in the New York Film Festival.
♦ Was supposed to be the closing film of the Edinburgh Film Festival.
♦ Each character speaks their own languages. Mr. Chow speaks Cantonese, Bai Ling speaks Mandarin, and Tak speaks Japanese even when talking to each other. Even so, they seem to understand each other perfectly. —IMDb

Awards and Nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Result
2004 Cannes Film Festival Golden Palm Wong Kar Wai Nominated