Articles 2009-2005


Oct 26, 2009
The Philippine Star
Travels with Zhang Ziyi
Sep 27, 2009
Global Times Online
Zhang Ziyi in Her Latest Film Sophie's Revenge
Sep 01, 2009
China Daily
No Role Model, but Ziyi Models Roles
Aug 27, 2009
Omega launches the new Omega Constellation collection with new ambassador Zhang Ziyi
Jul 23, 2009
'I am who I am': Interview with Zhang Ziyi



Sep 21, 2008
Macau Tatler
The Real Zhang
Aug 01, 2008
Gold Rush
Jul 16, 2008
China Daily
Crouching tigress, hidden reasons: Zhang Ziyi engaged
Jun 01, 2008
Hello Canada
Memoirs of a Geisha' actress Ziyi Zhang poses for an exclusive photo shoot in beautiful Malaysian Borneo
Apr 02, 2008
Zhang Ziyi: 'I don't just want to kick ass'
Jan 01, 2008
South China Morning Post
A Hard Act to Follow



Oct 01, 2007
Vanity Fair
Star of China
Jul 01, 2007
Fast Company
China Finds Its Muse
Apr 02, 2007
China View
Zhang Ziyi: Lucky, Diligent, So Am I Today
Mar 28, 2007
Phoenix TV



Oct 28, 2006
CNN Talk Asia
Zhang Ziyi on CNN Talk Asia
Sep 05, 2006
Ziyi on Venice, The Banquet, and Hua Mulan
Sep 05, 2006
China Movie Report
Zhang Ziyi Discusses "The Banquet"
Sep 03, 2006
Interview with Ziyi at the Venice Film Festival
Jun 01, 2006
May 24, 2006
Le Figaro
In private with... Zhang Ziyi
Apr 30, 2006
Face to Face (CCTV)
Zhang Ziyi: A Chinese Look
Apr 27, 2006
Eastern Horizon (CCTV)
Eastern Horizon Interview
Apr 24, 2006
Global Times
Really proud of being a Chinese
Apr 23, 2006
Washington Post
This 'Crouching Tiger' Tames Her Audience
Apr 20, 2006
China Daily
After delay, Zhang Ziyi's 'Jasmine Women' finally blossoms
Apr 19, 2006
People's Daily
"How many Chinese films have you watched, president Bush?"
Mar 28, 2006
AP Entertainment
Frumpy? Zhang Ziyi?
Apr 23, 2006
Beijing Youth Weekly
Feb 12, 2006
The Philippine Star
The Westernization of Ziyi Zhang
Feb 04, 2006
The Freeman
Zhang Ziyi, Sayuri
Jan 25, 2006
BBC News
The memorable Ziyi Zhang
Jan 10, 2006
BBC Movies
"I never thought that one day I could be in this story"
Jan 04, 2006
The Star Online
Z for Ziyi
Jan 03, 2006
The Daily Telegraph
Ziyi Zhang talks about Memoirs of a Geisha
Jan 01, 2006
A Woman We Love: Ziyi Zhang
Jan 01, 2006
Town & Country
Ziyi Zhang: Face of the Future


Dec 10, 2005
The Times of London
Amazing Grace
Dec 07, 2005
‘Geisha’ under fire for casting choices
Nov 23, 2005
Ziyi Zhang Memoirs of a Geisha Interview
Nov 23, 2005
Memoirs of a Geisha New York Interview
Oct 01, 2005
Ziyi Zhang by Natalie Portman
Sep 01, 2005
China View
Zhang Ziyi: "All I wanted was a hug"
Aug 20, 2005
China Daily
Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi grows into int'l star
Aug 3, 2005
New York Post
Gee Whiz, I’m Superstar; Confessions of Zhang Ziyi
Jul 31, 2005
New York Daily News
In the Mood for Zhang Ziyi
May 25, 2005
The Japan Times
Still breathing, still laughing
Feb 20, 2005
The New York Times
A Star Rises in the East
Jan 20, 2005
Pop Entertainment
Seeing the Martial Arts Mistress in Action