Ziyi and Fashion

To have a personal style but most important is charm.

Kindness and intelligence. Women also have the ability to dare to show their vulnerability and weakness. This, in my opinion, is why they are able to give and receive love in return.

Not always easy. We must know and gain experience to learn the happy associations in an outfit.

My style
I love the simplicity, the comfort and the natural. From time to time, I also experiment because as long as we do not try, we do not know its potential.

My icons
Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Their timeless elegance are still actual, probably because of their simplicity.

My basics
Sunglasses. They protect me from intensive scrutiny and I think they give a lot of style. I also have a passion for leather gloves and hats. All! From the cap to the chic trilby with feathers.

My outfit for a professional appointment
Something neutral, casual, just to feel good about myself. I once wore a suit man at a press conference, I was really comfortable and the response was unanimous.

My essential
A watch to be on time … and my Lady Dior bag.

My favorite dress
The one I wore on November 2011 at the Rome Film Festival. A gorgeous strapless evening dress in tulle pale blue silk embroidered with sequins signed Dior .

The fashion faux pas
Too much of something… You really have to do with what is most flattering.

A life without heels …
More comfortable!

Outfit of your dream
A leather suit.

My must-have accessories
Watches such as Omega Constellation, very feminine.The earrings also helps a lot to be stylish.

What makes me beautiful

A gift
Right now? Sequined gloves just for fun!

Fortunately for me, I inherited genes from my mother and my grandmother. They sent me a positive outlook of life. Whether they are ever thanked.