Wang Feng


In Chinese: 汪峰
First name: Feng
Last Name: Wang
Date of Birth: June 29th, 1971
Place of Birth: Beijing
Nationality: Han Chinese
Occupation: Singer-songwriter, composer, director
Wife: Zhang Ziyi
Children: 3 Daughters – Wang Manxi (born 2005), Wang Jingyi (born 2012), Wang Xingxing (born 2015)

What you need to know

– Wang Feng started to play violin at the age of 4. He never really liked to play music until the age of 14 when he discovered Tchaikovsky.
– He studied at the Chinese Central Conservatory of Music. During his studies he was a member of the Chinese Youth Orchestra and performed overseas. In 1994, he formed the band No. 43 Baojia Street with some friends. It was difficult for them to win their lives. The band released in total two albums and were not profitable but acclaimed.
– In 2000, the singer started his solo career when the Warner Music Beijing Co., Ltd signed a contract with him. The same year, his first solo album “Fireworks” was released. With this label, his solo career was launched, releasing two other albums (Love is a Happiness Bullet and Crying with Laughter). He also made the soundtrack of Wang Xiaoshuai’s movie Beijing Bicycle.
– In 2005, he left Warner to create his own label Feng Sheng Music. He then released his 4th album Blooming Life.
– In 2007, he signed a contract with the Hong Kong media company MusicNationGroup and released his 5th album Brave Heart.
– In 2009, Belief Flies in the Wind, his 6th album was released and won Best Album as well as several other prizes at the Global Chinese Music Awards the same year.
– In 2011, with a new label record, Wang Feng released a new album Life Asks for Nothing, which was critically acclaimed. The same year, he was seen on stage at the Grand Stadium two times.
– In 2013 the singer was a coach for the TV talent show “The Voice of China” and realeased a new album Born in Hesitation.
– In 2015, he released a new album The River in which one of the song “Nowhere to belong”, dedicated to the woman he loves… Zhang Ziyi.
– In 2017, 29, Guoling Lane, his 10th album was released.

Do not hesitate to watch “Existence”, a documentary about the singer. You will learn many interesting facts.


29, Guoling Lane


The River


Born in Hesitation


Life Asks for Nothing


Belief Flies in the Wind


Brave Heart


A Blooming Life


Crying with Laughter


Love is a Happiness Bullet



What you need to listen

With n°43 Baojia Street:
李建国 (Li Jianguo) – First hit when he was with his former band – Listen on youtube
晚安,北京 (Goodnight Beijing) – Written by him in a night of despair while loosing sight of his future – Listen on Youtube

Solo career:
春天里 (Bury Me in Spring) – One of his greatest hits / A song about his time with his former band – Listen on youtube
我们的梦 (Our Dream) – This song is one of the Beijing Olympic Top 10 Golden Songs – Listen to Youtube
我爱你中国 (I Love You China) – The first rock song performed on national television – Listen on youtube
北京北京 (Beijing Beijing) – A tribute to Wang Feng’s hometown, Beijing – Listen on Youtube
存在 (Existence) – On of his most well-known song in China – Listen on Youtube
无处安放 (Nowhere to Belong) – Song written for Ziyi – More information

ZZI’s team recommendation:
青春 (Youth) – Mr. Chang’s personal favorite song by Wang Feng – Listen on Youtube
生来彷徨 (Born in Hesitation) – Miss Grain’ personal favorite song by Wang Feng – Listen on Youtube

Sources: Wikipedia, Documentary “Existence”