Ziyi and Wang Feng

Their story began somewhere in 2013. They where spotted by paparazzi several times in China or even in Los Angeles while Ziyi was promoting The Grandmaster. Their first public appearance was at an Eason Chen concert. In the documentary Existence, Wang Feng explained that their story could have ended:

I remembered 6 mounths after we met we had some sort of fight. She was ignoring me, she refused to take my calls and everything. At that time I was like a child. I thought it was over. I sent her a million messages. I cried about my feelings, it was complicated. What if she left?

Wang Feng ‘Existence’ Documentary

On Saturday, November 9th 2013, and after months of speculations, Ziyi and Wang Feng made their relationship official. During one of his concerts in Shanghai, Wang Feng declared his love to her. He made an 8 minutes speech saying ‘I want to make you the happiest woman in the world’. The actress was in tears and deeply touched. (Pictures of the concert are in the gallery)

From when we first started dating to going public with relationship, we where showered with negative public opinions and setbacks but we held our hands and weathered the storm together.

Zhang Ziyi ‘Existence’ Documentary

2015 was an important year for the pair. On February 7th, while Ziyi was celebrating her birthday with friends and family, Wang Feng proposed to her, in a very unusal way. He sent a white drone carrying a diamond ring. Then, he went down on one knee and proposed. Ziyi, in tears, answered “Yes”.

To avoid excessive media exposure, the lovers secretly got married in secret on May 10th, 2015.

At the end of August, Wang Feng released a new music video for the song “Nowhere to Belong“, a song dedicated to Ziyi and in which the actress stars. During the shooting of the MV, the actress was already 5 months pregnant of Xingxing.

Ziyi and Wang Feng went to the United States to allow Ziyi to continue her pregnancy peacefully.

On December 27th, Ziyi shared a fantastic news on her Weibo:

December 27th, 2015, you, me, her … With the birth of this little life, we have our own family. Everything went safely and smoothly. Infinite gratitude!” (photo and caption from Ziyi’s Weibo)

On April 10th Ziyi, Wang Feng and the little Xingxing finally flew back to China to celebrate Xingxing’s 100 days – a traditional Chinese ceremony. (Pictures of the ceremony are in the gallery)

Since then, the lovely couple share a happy life with Xingxing and Manxi (Wang Feng’s second daughter).